Taylor Swift came into the scene and became one of the most notable - and successful - female singer-songwriters in pop music history. It’s no surprise that plenty of women, including Shelby Lanterman, have followed suit. Lanterman, however, has been at it a bit longer than Swift has been popular. Now, she boasts an EP of her own, Paper Thin, and a can-do attitude that resonates throughout it. Lanterman is the Megara to someone like Swift’s Aurora, if you get Disney analogies: she’s much more vocal about harsh truths, and plays them out with equal feeling instead of coating it in metaphor or whimsy. Shelby Lanterman is a proficient singer, songwriter, and guitarist, and Paper Thin isn’t a bad introduction to the music world. It’s an easy listen, and will certainly please folk, Americana, or singer-songwriter fans.”

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She's a new kind of country artist - thoughtful, multi-talented and confident. With her debut radio single ‘Whiskey Drinkin' Woman’ running up the charts, Shelby Lanterman is in a unique position to re-define the genre.”

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“When I learned to play a complete song is when I was certain I would be a musician,” she says. “I thought to myself, ‘You can do this.’ ” Although her album has been out less than six months, Lanterman has already written seven tracks for her next album.”

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Lanterman is honest about her struggles, but has a no-quit attitude that lifts her songs to another level. ”

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...a highly anticipated part of the day included live music from Shelby Lanterman. For many attendees, it was enjoyable just to hear her carefully selected cover songs and original material...”

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Shelby’s sound now blends 90’s rock with country, allowing her listeners to appreciate both genres. A bookworm, Shelby’s songs play off of stories found in books. She also uses her own imagination to create stories of her own. ”

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Lanterman's sound captures an alternative folk somewhere between the wistfulness of Dar Williams and the grunge of Kathleen Hanna. Paper Thin is an earnest album of folk rock. A self-professed bookworm, Lanterman crafted each song into a short story inspired by literary references...”

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...Shelby’s sound is already sophisticated, unique, and her passion for her craft buzzes through her music. ...I expected her music to project just as her sweet, soft spoken disposition did. Then she picked up her guitar and blew our hair back! Damn can that girl rock! ”

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