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Napa Strong: Benefit Concert

Billco's, 1234 3rd St., Napa, California

Benefit concert for those who have been affected by the wildfires in Napa, and the firefighters who are bravely keeping us safe.

Tip Jar donations and silent auction proceeds- 100% of profits will go to Napa Valley Disaster Relief Fund $5 cover at door- 100% of profits go to the Napa Valley Firefighters.

MUSIC LINEUP: 1pm: Jane Frank, Suzanne Yada, Suzanne Kramer

2pm: Prairie Daughter, Michael McGovern, Essence

3pm: Laura Benitez, Donovan Plant, Pi Jacobs

4pm: Jimmy Duhig, Mark Harold

5pm: KJ Smith, Brain Coutch

6pm: Sara Rodenburg, Zak Fennie, Shelby Lanterman

6:45pm Gabe Walker

7pm: Sorry Lot

8pm: Dirty Cello

9pm: Krooked

10pm: Ordinary Sons


Hangover Sessions Radio Interview

Hangover Sessions Radio Interview, San Francisco, California

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